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We're a collective of Chicago soccer supporters that is and always will be open to new members of any ethnicity, orientation, gender, or way of life, so long as you can live up to the RLSG Standard:

  1. Be anti-bullshit. No violence or racist/sexist/homophobic nonsense.

  2. Support all professional soccer in the city. We support the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Red Stars, as well as what support we can give to the various semi-pro teams.

  3. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other supporters and SGs. The Red Line is great, but there are other great supporters groups and individuals. We strive to keep a collaborative relationship with all of them.

What joining gets you:

  • Access to our member-only Slack channel, which we use for all communications

  • Discounts on merch, bus tickets, match tickets, and more.

  • More direct communication with the Fire/Red Stars front offices and occasional special access to tickets

  • Growing our collective power to grow soccer in Chicago. Rent more buses, buy equipment for more free pickup games, build more banners, etc.

How to join:

Sign up for dues here. We work on a sliding contribution system where people pitch in as much as they are comfortable with.

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