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World Class Soccer in the Windy City

Thousands of supporters. Massive tifos. Supporter sections that are open to all. Free, accessible pick-up soccer everywhere in the city. This is just part of our vision.


What's with the raccoons?

The day before a home match in 2018, our first year running buses at Reggie's, a raccoon got stuck up on the Cermak red line platform and was all over the local news. We adopted him and his media nickname of "Ricky."

Why do all the jackets say Steve?

A Reggie's bus once broke down on a I-55 off ramp on the way to a Fire game in Bridgeview. There was a Reggie's employee on the bus that decided he was going to try to rally the crowd after it began to get restless. He asked for the name of the guy that scored all the goals for us, as if it was on the tip of his tongue, and someone called out "Steve!" This prompted a five minute rant about how great Steve was and how excited we were to see him play that night. Steve's legend was too great to remain on that bus that day, and he remains to us the greatest striker in Chicago Fire history.


Open to all. For Chicago.

We're a collection of soccer fans in Chicago that is always looking to grow the game and always looking to welcome new members to help us do so. We center ourselves around support for both professional soccer teams in the city but also support the amateur soccer team as well as local free pickup games.


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